Business Recovery

 ‘Business Recovery’ is the term given to the analysis, planning, provisioning, testing and reporting required to quickly recover the most critical parts of business after they have been disrupted

We provide advisory and insolvency services to companies, lenders, creditors and individuals in troubled financial situations. Our services include turnaround implementation, financial, operational and strategic advice, optimized exit services, accelerated mergers and acquisitions, solvent reconstructions, receivables management, receiverships, administrations, liquidations and bankruptcy.

We assist your firm for:

  • Negotiations for achieving strategic business alliances
  • Appraisal of existing financing
  • Design and implementation of a strategic restructuring of businesses
  • Analysis – Each business and functional area is required to conduct an analysis to determine which parts of the Firm are the most critical, and which should be recovered after a disruption.
  • Planning – Each business and functional area in each geographical location develops a plan to outline the actions to be taken in the event that their premises and/or technology are disrupted for any reason.
  • Provisioning – Each business and functional area in each geographical location is provisioned with the necessary technical and physical solutions to achieve the recovery objectives established in the analysis and detailed in the plan
  • Testing – All plans need to be tested to ensure that each business and functional area can implement them in accordance with the recovery objectives.